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Breaking: Bitcoin rises within 45 min of 15%, Altcoins with pull

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Who currencies currently, the prices of the Top 100 Crypto, in particular, but also the price of Bitcoin is looking at, will RUB their eyes in astonishment. Within less than 45 minutes, the Bitcoin price has risen (for 13 hours) by 15 percent. The majority of the Altcoins with the drag-and seen similar price increases.

Currently, however, questionable whether this is indeed the long-awaited Start of the bull market, or whether it is simply a Pump-and-Dump by a very, very large Investor.

Currently, it is still unclear what has catapulted the Bitcoin price so strongly upwards. The fact is that Bitcoin has seen in the hours beforehand, a very uniform, low trading volume.

12 at the first signs of increased Trading, were volume. Against 13 clock, the rate exploded and rose from under 5,600 euros in short-term over 6,400. As the Candle Chart, but also shows that the gains not be safe.

Also, the total market capitalization paints a similar picture. Against 13 clock, from just over 270 billion U.S. dollars rose to over 300 billion.

But not only the Bitcoin can benefit from the sudden thrust, but also the Altcoins. Like looking at the Top 10 reveals by market capitalization, of the currencies observed, except LTC and BCH, all of the Crypto double-digit price gains for the last 24 hours. The reasons can currently only be speculated. It is also questionable whether the reason for the sudden Spike is ever known. In the social media are two possible reasons for the sudden increase are circulating.

In the past few days, the issue of control was always an issue. The Tax Season in the USA ends in mid-April. With the end of this window could be omitted, the assumption that the selling pressure and clear the way for new investments.

Another, much presumption made the investment through a Super-Rich and big investor. As we reported in the last days, came in the last days, to light that both George Soros and the Rockefeller family intend in Bitcoin and crypto to invest in currencies.

But the fact is that the rally is supported by Bitcoin. As the data from Coinmarketcap show, come nearly 35 percent of the total trade volume of Bitcoin.

The second Tether is around 14 percent. Probably, many investors have saved their capital in the Stablecoin Tether “on” and have now seen an investment opportunity.

Whether the course can be held gains, only the next few hours. In any case, there is hope that the trend reversal is possible.

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