Blower on toilet blows shit

e7f9971dfc4093c49dc8b32395d81855 - Blower on toilet blows shit

Amsterdam – Blowers for your hands to dry on the toilet are sometimes extremely unhygienic.

An electric hand dryer spreads more bacteria, say U.s. researchers.

From American research shows that these machines are small particles of feces on your hands, and blow it up.

These particles come from the air that the devices with large force from the environment first up, according to the university of Connecticut. Who is not directly in the lid of the toilet dichtdoet and going, and spreads a cloud of bacteria that has four meters far.

The hand dryer spreads everything out yet again, according to research conducted in 36 men and damestoiletten of a university. The more air you move, the more bacteria there are to come.

According to professor of microbiology Dr. Peter Setlow, consequently, potential pathogens in the air. The prof himself used they never. The university has the research taken to the toilets with paper for your hands to rest.

Vulnerable groups such as the elderly and the sick may, by the use of hand dryers were serious health hazards, says Setlow in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

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