Bizarre: players called back for penalty

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The use of video by the arbitration in the Bundesliga for a bizarre situation taken care of.

Incomprehension by the players of Freiburg.

While Mainz and Freiburg are already long and wide in the dressing room were, because arbitrator Guido Winkmann had whistled for the rustsignaal handle the videoscheidsrechter in.

After viewing the images, it appeared that a player from Freiburg hands had made in the private zestienmetergebied. And so were all the players from the dressing room removed. Pablo De Blasis, signed six minutes after the rustsignaal from the dot for the openingsgoal.

Pablo de Blasis has the score open.

The situation did little strange, but the arbitration was to follow the rules. After hands was made by Freiburg player Marc-Oliver Kempf was the rustsignaal the first opportunity for the referee to get the game to stop. The video system may only be enabled at the time that the game is to stay quiet.


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