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Bitcoin: These stores accept the crypto-currency Bitcoin

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More and more websites and stores the crypto-currency Bitcoin accept. On the international level, the distribution is already significantly more advanced than in the more backward Germany. Nevertheless, the virtual currency finds its way into our everyday life, allowing the Bitcoin and crypto-currency adaptation continues to progress.

The crypto-currency Bitcoin is the oldest and most widely used Cryptocurrency in the world. Even more logical is that Bitcoin has the largest acceptance as a means of payment for different websites.

As we already reported, there are in South Korea or in Japan, strong efforts of well-known companies to accept crypto-currencies as means of payment. In Canada there is even an online shop that supports the use of Bitcoins Lightning. In the following, we want to look at some of the well-known web pages that already with Bitcoin payment can be made. is an online shop in the USA, accept as one of the first dealer in the year 2014 payments with Bitcoin began to. In addition to Bitcoin, the visitor can pay with Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero and Bitcoin Cash. With over 30 million visitors a month, thus can get a large amount of the population into contact with Bitcoin.

The popular travel portal Expedia accepts Bitcoin. However, a small limitation applies in this case. Only for hotel bookings Bitcoin is supported as a possible Payment option. Just like Overstock has set the Team of Expedia with Coinbase to integrate the payment option.

The two sites eGifter and Newegg accept Bitcoin. With a purchase of a voucher on eGifter can even indirectly with Bitcoin on Amazon to be purchased.

The platform Shopify stores as well as Ebay, external shop operators, to open up a mini shop on . Already since the year 2013, all of 75,000 traders in the platform have the possibility to accept payments in Bitcoin. This is made possible by the payment service provider, BitPay, supports since recently, also a Bitcoin Cash.

The American TV satellite operator Dish are already accepted for the year 2014 payments in Bitcoin. The company has partnered with Coinbase to implement the payment option.

The Hotel and hostel operators, A&O Hotels accepted since last September, the payment with Bitcoin, if the booking is done online. The CEO, Oliver Winter, leads to:

Bitcoins are one of the most important payment innovations of the past few years. Therefore, we are very proud to be able to our customers as the first hotel provider of this payment option.

To order a Pizza also, Bitcoin can be used. At Lieferando this payment option is already in August of the year 2017 will be available. COO Jörg Gerbig describes that 51% of customers pay online, and therefore, the possibility is essential to remain competitive.

Many, perhaps a rather unknown is that the payment option is available for Edeka in the Online Shop since the year 2015. According to the shop owner Bleise 5% of customers have already taken advantage of this Service.

Even if we have not called at this point, surely all the websites that accept Bitcoin, shows that there are already quite a number of large companies that accept Bitcoin. We are anxious to see what the next time for the cryptocurrency market.

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