Azealia Banks: ’I was drugged and raped’

Rapper Azealia Banks has late on Saturday night in her Instagram Story to know that she has been raped. In the post, which they then removed, told them that a man who they do not name drugs in her drink has done.

Azealia Banks

The singer was not seen in the post, a follower later on YouTube placed. She did her story in text and audio recordings, in which she was crying, told that they are dirty and stupid felt after what had happened. “Men can, you just prey you and make you steal, you force say yes. To a point where you think that you have given permission, while you never wanted to do something. Someone has me overpowered. I feel very down and would be the face of the earth would disappear.”

Later, she began over the drugs. “I’ve never been so far back. I woke up and my throat felt like pins and needles were in. It is now under control, my brothers and friends are there.”

Followers reacted in worry, which the rapper said: ‘It will be well with me, so don’t panic guys. There is certainly drugs in my drink, but I come back to. There is a lot to get this elephant to bring down.”

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