Autistic boy (10) builds largest Titanic replica out of Lego

6b42b2816717f65a97040d5adab45291 - Autistic boy (10) builds largest Titanic replica out of Lego

Tennessee – It took him about 700 hours spread over eleven months, but he has succeeded. This Icelandic autistic boy has the world’s largest replica of the Titanic. He had 56.000 Lego bricks required for the structure to build.

The autistic Brynjar Karl Bigisson from Reykjavik was 10 years old when he the replica made. The end result is almost behind a meter long and half meter wide. Thanks to donations from friends and family the boy could have enough Lego bricks to buy for the impressive structure.

Brynjar Karl Bigisson – now 15 years old – has been from childhood, with Lego doing that. During an afternoon fishing with his grandpa the boy is fascinated by boats. Karl Bigisson knew on his tenth everything about the Titanic what there is to know, writes CNN.

Thanks to the construction of the replica and the success he has with it, is Karl Bigisson out of his shell tower. According to the American news site the boy has now more confidence and he dares even to give interviews.

The replica is of Iceland shipped to America and will be in december 2018 make its debut at Titanic Museum Attraction.

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