Anticorruptiechef Romania is not discharged

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BUDAPEST – The Romanian president Klaus Iohannis has rejected an application to the head to release anticorruptiedienst DNA. Minister Tudorel Toader of Justice the DNA chief Laura Kövesi, among more blamed for her book to out of to have gone and the image of Romania to have harmed abroad.

Klaus Iohannis

Iohannis said that the arguments of Toader him, not convinced. This thwarts the president, the government, who Kövesi wanted to get rid of. The president must give consent to the DNA head prematurely to dismiss. The minister of Justice, wrote on Facebook that the government’s decision will be disputed at the Constitutional Court.

The anticorruptiedienst continued under the leadership of Kövesi many prominent Romanians. This includes politicians and directors of government agencies. Critics blame the government for tackling corruption to want to slow by Kövesi to dismiss.

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