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Ammbrrr: WIFI via Blockchain. A cooperative model

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For Christmas we want to in a post further time, not about crypto money and the value of reports, but about a project, the aim of which is to the Internet around the world, especially the not-so-well-off people, the digital divide between people with Internet access and people without Internet access smaller.

What Ammbrrr?

Ammbr is a wireless Mesh network based on the Blockchain. The bandwidth is around-the-clock in an Autonomous market.

The objectives of Ammbrrr

Ammbr want to affect the traditional telecommunications industry through the competition with its centralized distribution model with a more efficient Peer-to-Peer Mesh network model in a disruptive way. The goal of Ammbr is to connect low-income people to the Internet. Ammbr users earn Tokens if you give more bandwidth than they receive. Each Ammbr-Mesh-network node operates in an automated market, determines the package of transit prices in real time, based on local network conditions. In this way, the user autonomously Ammbr can earn tokens by simply providing WIFI for your neighbours, or to any place where this is needed. The Team of Ammbr has been working for several years on the appropriate technologies to make this possible, and is now ready to be the world’s largest consumer-based Blockchain-WIFI-network.

Ammbr is placed in the Form of a Non-Profit organization with its headquarters in Singapore. The Vision of the Ammbr Foundation is to let the Ammbr network of cooperative and community-owned infrastructure owner and not a centralized unit. The Ammbr Foundation is to ensure the management of the network because the network itself is able to fulfil these functions themselves. Those who use devices or Software of Ammbr, operate in a cooperative-like model. Each user decides for himself to what extent he what is the cost of bandwidth or access for others.

How financed Ammbr

In November, a token sale was planned. This was cancelled, because in the context of a private round of financing in the base financing secured. Whether and, if so, when a token sale is yet to come, must wait.

The Roadmap of Ammbr

The Roadmap of Ammbr provides that the development is completed in 2018 to a complete prototype in 2019 Consumer to the power grid. Ammbr has identified 24 markets that are suitable for early introduction. These have almost 763 million Internet users. The identified markets/countries are Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Ghana, Uganda, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, and Sweden.

From 2020 Telco to use company Router also.

Below is the technical Roadmap for the Information.

The technique of Ammbr

A Mesh network is a network topology in which each node can forward data for others. All the Mesh network nodes to work together and with each of the participating node, the range and robustness of the network to expand. After Switching on the Mesh-network node, the radio spectrum, in order to identify other nodes with which it can connect. With sufficient incentives for the participation of Ammbr can grow fast and global connectivity.

The Ammbr Router contains, in addition to the WIFI base Station is an LTE-a unit. Furthermore, several protocols in the IoT field are supported, such as ZIGBEE, Dash7, etc

The addition of optional hardware modules can be mixed and adapted to support depending on your operating conditions, a variety of frequency ranges and protocols.Furthermore, a Blockchain is a module, which CPU, RAM, and Storage, contains, part of the router.

To Consensus formation in the Blockchain Ammbr uses a combination of PoET / PoV (Proof of elapsed time / Proof-of-Velocuity = evidence of the past time / verification speed).
PoET / PoV is a hybrid development of Intel’s Sawtooth-consensus model and a Proof of Work called Proof of Velocity (PoV), which can be used together, the Blockchain Consensus. PoV is a method for the detection of node authenticity with a speed-based Proof of Work approach, in the case of a qualifying answer from a customer-specific was developed high-speed silicon-Germanium semiconductor (ASIC), designed specifically for this purpose. Ammbr used this for his Blockchain Consensus Manager to calculate the result. The Chip, with > 300 Ghz and Fmax can react within micro-seconds to calculate results. In comparison, an Intel i7 processor requires 12 hours to do the same.

Ammbr will develop their own Chips, in order to keep the cost low.

The Partner of Ammbr

The Partner of Ammbr companies are official governments and respected.

Ammbr – as a participant, You are the network

Ammbr the first Blockchain-Based Mesh network in the world


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