Ajax-players get annoyed at Ten Hag

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It would normally be logical that Erik ten Hag also next season, the chance at Ajax, because he was halfway under difficult circumstances boarded and already five points achterstond. But the ex-trainer of Go Ahead Eagles, FC Bayern München 2, and FC Utrecht did so much more wrong than good and that his own position weakened.

Erik ten Hag is still not a typical Ajax coach revealed.

So far, he is a defensive thinker and – in many respects – certainly not a typical Ajax coach revealed. In short, Edwin van der Sar and Marc Overmars had done their homework better be done to determine to whom they are the most expensive selection of the Netherlands and the biggest talents in hands gifts.

It irritates the players, for example, immensely that in the run-up to PSV from Wednesday (!) eleven-against-eleven had to play. Parties that are also liable to frequent have been shut down, because a looplijntje a meter too far to the left or right was followed.

Not for nothing spoke to Hakim Ziyech much harder than was necessary from next summer to want to leave and some players recommend This Is even now a step.

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Erik ten Hag ‘hunts’ Hakim Ziyech and Matthijs de ligt way.

Ajax trainers are mainly of own and also have no wedstrijdbesprekingen of three quarters of an hour (even on the day of the competition), in which abundance is considered so-called weaknesses of opponents.

That Hag all the training dichtgooit and it hard to find players short to allow for commercial or social obligations, also many people within Ajax, a thorn in the eye. The irritation arising after the merciless turn to the ears of PSV in the coming days more and more to the surface.

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