‘Ajax has more quality than PSV

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“PSV was champion and was very keen, but talk wasn’t over. You can see everything that the best players at Ajax for a walk. That team has more quality, but that alone is not enough. At PSV everyone went for each other by the fire and was there really a team,” said Telesport-rapporteur Jan Peters.

Luuk de Jong blasts it 2-0.

But Ajax slumped in Eindhoven is fully covered by the ice. Seven players were also insufficient. “You can count on it that this defeat is very painful for Ajax,” says Peters. “In Amsterdam they often say that they are the best, but the points have now something else to see. Against PSV was the team of trainer Erik ten Hag afgetroefd setting.”

Ajax was the title goes wrong, the have the Locals according to Peters also completely self-inflicted. “This is only the first big game this season to lose, but Ajax has the championship lost against the ‘little ones’. Sometimes there was to PSV pointed out. That team was lucky enough to be three or four games until injury time were decided. But that is also a quality. I want PSV also congratulate with the title, because the team is ultimately deserved to become champion.”

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