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Access price for real estate investments is reduced to 1 Euro thanks to GENESIS project and Blockchain technology

6dca940eaa690b57cb90f4ed0df178c0 - Access price for real estate investments is reduced to 1 Euro thanks to GENESIS project and Blockchain technology

New investment environments are already a reality. Decentralised projects old system to solve problems, by improving services to customers, reduce the cost and investment capital for the business to attract development.

On 1. April is the start of the ICO of the new large-scale project GENESIS, offering anyone the means in a secure area in real estate with a stable income. These investments are even accessible to investors who want to have a minimum capital to risk or not to invest with a large sum. The project is created on the Basis of Blockchain technology.

The idea of uniting new digital technologies with this field is not new. There are many projects that want to incorporate Blockchain and real estate. But GENESIS is one of the first projects, on the basis of which the serious idea of the introduction of the real sector in the digital economy.

GENESIS offers, in fact, a new investment model, based on the progressive type of management of the assets created. As instruments of the Blockchain and Smart Contracts. The project founders believe that these technologies will have a secure future. But the hope to rely solely on the market value increase, is also in error. Such projects must end with a Flop. Investment instruments must be secured with real assets. In GENESIS, the commercial real estate.

The project is a multi-purpose operation platform and an international real estate Fund, which form a single corporate structure. The tasks, which the project provides, are the following: acquisition of commercial property, its Rent, and administration. In addition, the Fund will invest a profit part in the construction and modernization of objects with different application purposes. Developer activity of the Fund, assists in the development of infrastructure and gives the participants the possibility in addition to profit to get.

In GENESIS, the minimum entry price of 1 Euro is added to the advantages.

Participation in the GENESIS project as with any conventional real estate funds, the following advantages:

  1. lack of need to acquire each object
  2. Investment and property management is implemented by professionals
  3. high diversification

If GENESIS is spoken, it must be pointed to such advantages as the low access price equal to one Euro (the nominal value of a project-Token), and the convenient administration of its own assets-share.

The dividends obtained by the Rent, is distributed among the project participants through Smart Contracts. Equality, security, Rule of intermediaries and costs is guaranteed by the principle of Smart Contracts, the work on the Basis of the Ethereum block Chain. Smart Contracts also regulate the means of entrance from the Token sale and the distribution of the tokens among the participants. According to the project founder’s intention, each Investor is co-owner of all real estate objects, which are the property of the Fund. The share of each Investor is determined according to the number of purchased project Token.

GENESIS combines the possibilities of conventional real estate funds, and Crowdfunding platforms, but it offers more functionality than Crowdfunding platforms, and more accessibility than traditional funds.

And what is the GENESIS platform?

Based on the GENESIS platform, the whole business model of the company is built. With their help, will develop the project further by offering new products and functionality-spread as it happened in the case of Uber, Alibaba, Amazon and other platform companies.

The platform serves as a connection means between the Fund and Investor, and also as an Instrument for asset management. So reminds you of electronic platforms in the trading with securities in the Fund market.

In the user account, the Investor can find all the necessary information about the investment objects and the current market value of the assets and in addition tokens to buy and sell.

But we are talking about the Numbers. Participation in the GENESIS of the project for investors?

Minimum of 12 % per year with a guaranteed Token-redemption at the nominal value

Special projects: up to 75 % per year

Rise of the Token-to-market value: 300 – 750 %

The project guarantees to all participants of the annual rate of return of 12% to 25%. This is the direct profit by the Rent of all real estate objects. Since it is not a residential property, but commercial property, the rent is higher and organizations as tenants to serve, you can expect in this area a high and stable profit. Which allows to diversify the possible risks and to protect themselves against the potential losses.

The company guarantees the Token-redemption at the nominal value. This means that the Investor can sell when you Leave the project, his Token of the society. So the minimum threshold is 12 %. As a comparison, we take the European maximum rate of interest for deposits of 2% to 3% annual yields.

Apart from direct profits through rentals, the participants have the possibility to get a in addition to profit. This is the profit from the participation in special projects, which are mentioned above. The profit is 25% to 75% per year. This profitability is with such instruments as share in investment funds and investments in the Fund market comparable. But the risks in share investment funds are much higher than in the case of real estate transactions. With shares or securities, it is possible to go into Minus. In GENESIS this is impossible in principle.

It must not be forgotten that it is the crypto-currency project. The Investor can not only get the profit from the Token ownership, but also to sell his Token market value on the stock exchange. Project organizers expect that the Token value increases in the course of 6 to 9 months after the stock issue several times. That means 300 to 750 % profit.

And here’s the question – what happens when the crypto currency drops sharply arises, of course. It is precisely here that the difference between GENESIS and other projects, the only hope on the rise. Project tokens are not associated with cryptocurrency prices. Its value is that it is backed up with real assets – real estate objects in the Fund of ownership. Therefore, exchange rate fluctuations can change the price of the GES-Token, or the investors get the dividends do not affect.

Simple Arithmetic. The right choice of the object + effective management = profitability

Income level and stability of real estate transactions depend on the correct object choice and of the error-free administration. The strategy of GENESIS only provides for investment in safe and well-known projects. The first transactions will only be realized with ready-to-highly-profitable objects with long-term leases. Audit prior to the purchase and successful property management – the guarantee of success in the real estate sector.

The GENESIS founders are business people who know a lot about real estate investment, perfectly in commercial law and rich experience of possession and management of real estate objects abroad. Each project Creator is responsible.

It is clear that the organizers run the business successfully and in different sectors of the economy (including real estate and companies in the real estate sector) a long time to invest. In project GENESIS, you make the United.

For the successful project activities of Aleksandr, Vitaly and Dmitry have gathered an international Team of professionals. Among them, a business developer from Germany with great experience in the crypto-industry, real-estate experts from Germany, Scandinavia and England, and also the most powerful of the Russian developers.

So this project has all the prerequisites to be a leader in this field. Self of course the full Transition to the digital economy is to be expected, but the first steps are even possible today. You also have to add that the idea is now to make a step in the new investment environment, it is tempting, if the price of admission and also the risk amount is reduced to 1 Euro.

For more information about GENESIS, visit the website of the company

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