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About the Holocaust, rap you don’t

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The buzz around the Red Devils – rapper Damso is small beer compared with what the German duo Kollegah and Farid Bang about themselves. They won the German Mia’s, in spite of anti-semitic passages in their songs. And now everyone is angry.

Back to previous Thursday, when the German music industry in its ‘Echo’s’to hand out prizes. Those prices are a bit to compare with the Flemish Mia’s (Music Industry Awards), it is in the first instance …

Back to previous Thursday, when the German music industry in its ‘Echo’s’to hand out prizes. Those prices are a bit to compare with the Flemish Mia’s (Music Industry Awards), except that they will initially be controlled by the public and the sales figures.

The German rappersduo Kollegah & Farid Bang was nominated in two categories: album of the year with Jung, brutal, gutaussehend 3 and as artist of the year in the category ‘Hip-Hop/Urban national’.

Album of the year, they were not, despite thirty million streams. Competition from Ed Sheeran, the in Germany insanely popular Kelly Family, the German rock band Who Toten Hosen and the schlagerzangeres Helene Fischer was too big. But as hip-hop artists of the year, they received a prize.

Praise on the own body

There is Kollegah and Farid Bang anti-semitism for the feet thrown out, on the basis of two sentences especially. On the actual album is the quote to hear: Mache wieder mal ’nen Holocaust. In the set of JBG3, on an additional EP, praised the duo for their inflated bodybuilderslichamen with: Mein Körper definierter as von Auschwitzinsassen from the number to ‘0815’. The comparison with the body of the victims of Auschwitz was mainly as a painful experience because the award was presented on 12 June, the day Israel the Holocaust is commemorated.

Kollegah retired with little of the hoopla and went out this weekend twice to a fair for bodybuilders, in the company of a number of bodyguards. ‘We walk there peacefully around to everyone to make it clear that we do not ruziemakers, ” he reported. And then further followed: “That was a joke.’

What is now with the Echo?

Germany would rear up after the announcement of the winners, and grabs now. The organization of the Echoes let them know that their prizes by the whole affair in a wrong daylight be made. ‘We want to be in all clarity to say that we have any form of anti-semitism, xenophobia, vrouwonvriendelijkheid, homophobia, and glorification of violence, reject.’ The mechanisms used to select the winners, to be ‘analyzed and refreshed”. How that will happen, is not yet known.

The reactions take wide proportions. The German minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas responded, there is called for a radioverbod, on the German public tv-stations call for an abolition of the prices and the Notos Quartett, which last year won in the category ‘classical music’, left on his Facebook page know that the price is returned. That ‘Trophy of Shame’ does not belong in the trophy case, what it sounds like.

Verbal provocation as artistic freedom

Kollegah itself is as a person is also not blameless. In 2013, he was sued after he was in a nightclub two visitors pass and had injuries inflicted. He denied not, but it happened in self-defense, he argued. In the absence of evidence he was acquitted.

The German rocker Peter Maffay, who will be with us almost exclusively known from the visual sugary treats worthy huwelijksfeestplakker ‘Du’, found the nominations for Kollegah & Farid Bang downright ‘macabre and shameful’. And that’s what he said before they took them. The ethical board of the German music industry was also already met and had decided the duo not to withdraw from the nomination list: “Verbal provocation is a typical feature of the genre and belongs – as long as the laws are not violated – to the artistic freedom.’

The two rappers were even allowed to occur on the gala-night and also around them, as was debate, which – again, by Echo itself – was countered. ‘It is going to be two extremely successful representatives of the genre, which since more than ten years by very many people in this country be listened to. We must, as a society, accordingly watch it and talk about it, instead of to put on stigmatization and exclusion.’ However, had the German Auschwitz committee, has already spoken about a ‘battle in the face’ for all survivors.

Farid Bang responded on Facebook, after an Auschwitz-survivor, the phrase ” rough and worthless, and even vile’ had been mentioned. Bang apologized and wrote that it is never his intent was to someone in person to hurt. In the sentence that preceded them, he had reported that thousands of messages had been of various religions and locations in which it was confirmed that they the text is not racist, or inflammatory considered.

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