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A subsidiary of the Stuttgart stock exchange will publish the App to trade with crypto currencies

a1421c24f2e171339386e52427869cfa - A subsidiary of the Stuttgart stock exchange will publish the App to trade with crypto currencies

The subsidiary of the second largest German stock exchange, Sowa Labs, will publish this year a free App that makes it possible for crypto-currencies to trade. At the beginning of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin to be on the App tradable.

Sowa Labs has unveiled the prototype of the App yesterday at the financial fair Invest in Stuttgart. The App has the name Bison and can be downloaded from the autumn of 2018 for free.

According to the press release, the special feature of the App is that the crypto currencies fees can be freely traded. According to managing Director Dr Ulli span of the audience, the App is “the world’s first crypto-App, behind the traditional stock exchange”.

Generally, the company advertises that the App is very easy to use, and any barriers that have previously existed in the trade with crypto currencies, and want to eliminate it. In addition to the easy handling but also the registration process and proof of identity should be much easier. So the opening of a user account should be done in just a few minutes.

Another Feature of the App is to be the “crypto radar”, which analyze every day, more than 250,000 Tweets from the crypto-Community on the Basis of artificial intelligence, and the most important information is to summarize. According to Bison App website, the Radar should show, for example, what topics are currently discussed particularly hot.

On the Stuttgart stock exchange and Sowa Labs

The stock exchange Stuttgart is a trading place for stocks, bonds and exchange-traded Fund (ETF). With an average share of order book turnover by around 35 percent, the Stuttgart stock exchange is Germany’s second largest trading venue after the Frankfurt stock exchange.

The Stuttgart stock exchange has established the Stuttgart Digital Ventures GmbH, to invest in innovative business models and Startups from the Fintech area. Sowa Labs is a company which currencies to trade in Crypto and the analysis of data is specialized in artificial intelligence.

The Stuttgart stock exchange acquired Sowa Labs in December of last year, and took over 100 percent of the Ulm-based Startup. Although there is no exact number for the purchase price, however it should have been a seven-digit sum.

The development of the App does not show in our view that the adaptation of crypto currencies only in distant countries is progressing, but the Kryptos also in Germany slowly the foot. This development is from our point of view, very gratifying.

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