A preacher from the US for the right in Turkey

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ANKARA – The American preacher who is stuck in Turkey, denies that he has been involved in illegal activities. “I would never do anything to Turkey’s disadvantage. I love Turkey,” said Andrew Brunson during the trial at Aliaga. The district court decided Monday his detention to be extended until at least the next hearing on 7 may, reports the Turkish news channel NTV.

Andrew Brunson

The authorities accuse the spiritual of it to have worked with banned organisations. It goes according to the indictment, which is viewed by Reuters news agency, the PKK and the organization of Fethullah Gülen, Turkey is held responsible for the failed coup d’état in 2016. The preacher can be up to 35 years in prison.

Brunson, who was originally from North Carolina, lived for more than twenty years in Turkey. The authorities arrested him about one and a half years ago. The case has the relationship between Washington and Ankara continue to put under pressure. Us senator Thom Tillis, and the American envoy for Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback, were Monday to be present at the hearing.

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