Willem II NAC pain in derby

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The Brabant derby between NAC Breda and Willem II is a prey for the visitors from Tilburg. Ben Rienstra was with two goals for the big man in the Rat Verlegh Stadium: 1-2.

With two goals does Ben Rienstra NAC the das to

For both NAC and Willem II in the Brabant derby game of the season, but more than prestige was there for both teams the absolute certainty of another year Eredivisie on the program.

Both teams stood prior to the game four points above the line and were thus still not completely secure. Willem II struck first and did so rapidly. After four minutes benefited Rienstra of a giant blunder of NAC goalkeeper Nigel Bertrams, that ball under the ball as usual and Willem II midfielder, as an empty goal allowed: 0-1.

The response from NAC came after a half an hour. From a free-kick from Angelino said Arno Verschueren striking detached the equalizer: 1-1. Still, it would be Willem II with a lead to the dressing room to look up. Rienstra was after a corner kick exactly in the right place to with a header for 1-2.

Despite a large kopkans for re Verschueren managed to NAC in the second half no more in to what to do. Willem II remained easy up and stands by the victory now seven points above the dreaded line. The team of coach Reinier Robbemond seems to be safe. For NAC is that not yet.


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