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We give this candidate the victory for 100 percent, but what if…

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Already from the first episode is a Joke of almost everyone verdachtenlijst deleted. Always, she comes into view, always they are motivated. They are stomping so hard the stairs for that exemption that you fervently hopes that the mole commences. But why bring them any money?

Now driver Jeffrey kaltgesteld by the good Samaritan to hang out at the airport, take Joke to the driver about the direction of Mexico City. The 32-year-old vet comes, as usual, immediately and prominently displayed at the beginning of the episode. Since its eruption in the ‘run to the hacienda without being shot’-trial state of her mollengehalte on an equally low profile as the libido of a panda.

It should also be a nightmare if the mole to execute commands with Joke. If the group is ‘accidentally’ forget something, such as, for example, the package they bike have to provide, then you can be sure that they that they understand and the bunch of fixes. (“Oh, alé say, soon we were away without the package. Imagine!’) Also the infamous ‘block to the leg’tactic to can you in the trash can to throw when the Joke in your team. As Lloyd but does not want to understand that they are next to walk also, still have bikes in the first escape room, then she does that was a bit of both. Jeffrey had earlier also not think of her two seconds to slow down during the descent of the cliff. And as Pascale there to be very long to get a rope to unravel on the race track, she goes out and takes the lead.

Maybe this can be the liar then try again with a twist, something that the ex-moles, Gilles, guaranteed to be a success? ‘Scott, Winfield, perhaps the Escot, such as… Escobar?’ Bahador breathes judaslucht and Pieter, there seems to be with eyes open to the stairs. But Joke? No, let such nonsense does not pass. “We seek here to Scott and you say Escobar? From where get you that?’ More words makes they are not dirty and while the two men have been countless rounds have gone to the proper package (not) to find it, she sees it after two minutes. ‘Alé men! We had to find in Winfield!’

How can you not cheer-leading when you have her out for the exemption on the stairs to see run, everyone outgrow and eventually with the hot frietadem of Lloyd in her neck to see triumph? Still pinches some. Have you ever calculated how much money this jump-in-‘t-field has earned? After three episodes, it was the counter – 6 euro. And in two escape rooms they can solve everything, but a final and third ontsnappingsspel crack, that works her suddenly no more. Brute bad luck, or the most extroverted mole ever? We keep our pompoms look.

Here was the mollenalarm clear:

  • “The White House is in Washington.’ Could Lloyd that really do not think the time had expired? Also knocking about in the hospital while crystal clear is that there is no parcel may be issued, we will but consider as an extraordinary interest in the Mexican health care system.
  • All was Pascale also very very interested in the interior and the gardens of the hospital. The ever-efficient naval officer wasting (but happy?) precious time. And what is it with that mischievous smile in her cheeks inscribed appears to be? She has the time of her (moles)life while there is almost no money is earned?
  • Nice rear in the elimination with a look that Pablo Escobar himself goose bumps had to do: ‘the big Baha’ was again suspected hard suspicious. The highlights of this episode: without pack want to leave with the bike and only themselves to pieces when the parcel to the wrong address will be delivered (a proper flashback to the metroproef where mol Gilles dramatically lying on the ground cursing because he at the time was but the others had no money earned).
  • He earns a lot of money for the groepspot, but also ‘holy Peter remains in essence a closed Bible. You should know where he’s taking a shower, how he the red-light district, money from church abhors, and that he is everywhere to be late, but what do you actually know about the pastor? Maybe he is not a cheese eaten riddles, because he follows love to the wrong theories of others.
  • Also listed in mind: if it’s for an exemption is, Steve, his condition suddenly back. That Katrien the other candidates wanted to listen to, found this doctor but nothing. Afraid that they will about your – possible – sabotage, go gossip, Steve?

Bye, Katrien

Who you final of your verdachtenlijst can delete, is the vervangmama of Lloyd, Katrien. No one-liners or jokes: the 54-year-old event manager had the visible hard with her farewell. “I am truly afflicted. I had really hoped that I was still a delivery could continue.’ As Lloyd her in the end turns out killed, can there ever spanking.

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