Voice finalist Chris Hordijk choose pseudonym

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Singer Chris Hordijk has a new single to be released under a pseudonym. The poptrack Not Equal he made with guitarist Jürgen Perier, he reveals now. Together they form the producers and writers duo Pi, many of which were in recent weeks, all wondered who was behind this pseudonym lay.

Chris Hordijk was in 2012 finalist of the second season of The Voice of Holland. The brand awareness that resulted is exactly the reason that he is Not Equal under a pseudonym published. Also on the photos for the single, the creators make sure that they unrecognizable continued, by a cream pie in each other’s face to press. The cream cakes are not only a nod to the band name (pie is English for pie), they also serve as camouflage.

“Our concern is the music. And to nothing else”, say Hordijk and Perier. Chris: “We have known each other for a long time. I have with Jürgen multiple songs recorded and released, but always under my name. For the public, my name is inextricably linked with The Voice, where people have an opinion on. By the number, anonymously to bring, I wanted to avoid that people have an opinion ready before them a note to have heard it.”


Not Equal, they released a month ago on Pi day, 14 march, but now the musicians are at the point in radio shows to act is the time their true identity. Chris: “People are curious become and wonder” who are these guests?’, we notice. That we find funny. But we are not musicians for the attention. The writing and creating, we find the allerleukst.”

Chris has already had no pop songs to be released. “I perform with a blues band and I’m busy with a new project, a bit seventies – and rockachtig. People want to be musicians always like to be in a box to stop it. They find it difficult as an artist for both the pop and blues as rock sings. In the time of The Voice was made to understand that I have no blues and rock singing. In consultation we opted for pop, but my musical taste is very wide. I also don’t want to choose. I found The Voice a great experience. It was a roller coaster. But it doesn’t feel like I have achieved. I have that stage it is not created. If I are completely on the own strength of the Top 40 make it, then I’m proud.”

One hit wonder

The single Not Equal is a kind of suicide note on the music: “You come to the conclusion that your current relationship is on a dead track, while you all have done to make it succeed.” Jürgen Perier came up with the name Pi, inspired by the mathematical number to a diameter of a circle to calculate. The digits behind the comma forms an endless series of without pattern. “For us, it is just as creative freedom. You give you are not fixed patterns and create what you feel.”

The duo Pi says the ambition is to have a ’one hit wonder’ to be. “If it succeeds, this is not only our first but also our last single ever.”

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