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Verstappen immediately makes excuses to Vettel after a collision: “Have these race ruined”

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Max Verstappen is after the Big Prize of China immediately to Sebastian Vettel stepped up to apologize for the touché between the two drivers during the race. The Dutch-Limburger wanted in his Red Bull through and go for the German of Ferrari for the third place back, but he braked too late and drove against Vettel. The cars spinden. “I was lucky that I was not out and the race could continue,” said Vettel after the race.

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“He is to me come to sorry to say it,” opened Vettel. “It was clearly his fault. He braked too late and I didn’t understand a lot of his action. There were still fifteen laps to go, he was faster, so I expected him already and he would probably not obstructed in any way.” The four-time world champion, who despite his eighth place to the lead in the championship of Formula 1, held, decided: “Max has a podium thrown away, that I told him.”

“I wanted to fast forward”

Max Verstappen wound, shortly after the incidentvolle Grand prix of China in the Formula 1 no bones about it. “I have these race ruined.” He gave a certain podium gone through two failed inhaalacties him both times back to back cast. A time penalty of ten seconds struck him finally at the part after Sebastian Vettel aanreed.

“This could have been better, but I can’t change anymore. I wanted to fast forward,” was his comment. “It runs at this time was not flexible and it is up to me to make this the next races to run.”

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Verstappen was a long time in the third place, but opted for an unexpected neutral phase – caused by a crash of the two Toro Rosso’s – for an extra pit stop. From the fourth place he had on fresh rubber more speed than the drivers for him and he could take the attack to open at the top end. But both the inhaalactie at Lewis Hamilton as Vettel failed. He was eventually fourth measure and was due to the time penalty of ten seconds as the fifth rated.

“At Hamilton I went outside, but there were just a little too much rubber granulate, which I control over the car is lost. That was a shame, but when was in fact still open. Then, I saw that Vettel was struggling on his tyres. I tried to let the turn into the brakes. It blocked my rear tires a little bit and I touched him. That is, of course, my mistake. It is not what you want, but unfortunately it happened.”

The question of whether he is not impatient was been in his urge to forwards, dodged Verstappen. “In retrospect it is always easy to say that, but in this situation, I had better be able to wait. I can now however, there is nothing more to change.”

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