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Vandoorne after a thirteenth place in China: “This is not where we had hoped for”

813721edb2ab340fb847d5c5fe935d6d - Vandoorne after a thirteenth place in China: "This is not where we had hoped for"

Stoffel Vandoorne looks disappointed back to his GP of China. After a difficult start managed to Vandoorne in to a few places to make up, but further than a thirteenth place came our countryman.

“I knew today not a good start and lost some places during the first lap,” begins Vandoorne are back at the GP of China. “I managed to prior to my pit stop, three beautiful overtaking to do. The question however was whether we have one or two pit-stops would make, especially considering the fight with the cars around us. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take advantage of my strategy with one pit stop, this is because the other cars could benefit from making a pit stop while the safety car on the track was.”

“We had hoped that opportunities would previously, towards the end of the race. We had ultimately, however, do not have the necessary speed. My last laps of the race were very difficult to get through a vibration in the car.”

Qualification should be better
For the first time this season managed Vandoorne thus to in the points to finish the race, something that team-mate Fernando Alonso today did. The major issue at McLaren turns out, however, especially in the qualification. Therein is McLaren too slow, all hopes for Vandoorne, however, that the next races will be better.

“It was not the day we hoped for but nevertheless, it was our speed today is better than during the qualification. We work very hard for our performance on Saturday during the qualification to improve and hopefully know we have a stronger weekend in Baku,” decided Vandoorne.

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