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The fuss is about giant blue penis in Stockholm

db0a63920f31438bc436b2e1075fe7a1 - The fuss is about giant blue penis in Stockholm

A work of art of Carolina Falkholt must be overcoated after complaints from local residents.

After a week’s time, it is decided that the image of a penis on a block of flats of four floors should disappear.

Since 2008, the owner of the building, the company Atrium Ljungberg, a plaatstelijk artists ‘ collective the walls to decorate. That must be the artist’s sole discretion. But now encounter the image on the protest.

Some welcome the penis as an important part in the debate about gender and sexuality. Mostly, locals consider the artwork as offensive.

“Culture and art are important in creating an interesting urban environment,” says marketing manager Camilla Climbs to the Aftonbladet newspaper. “Of course, we find artistic freedom is important. But we must also take into account the opinion of local residents.’

The artwork can stay still for a while so that everyone who wants to can go and see.

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