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Strong Ricciardo wins GP China after spectacle, Vandoorne finishes thirteenth

d3182cae48715391840d67562a9bcf0a - Strong Ricciardo wins GP China after spectacle, Vandoorne finishes thirteenth

Daniel Ricciardo has the Grand prix of China was won. The Australian Red Bull benefited the most of a safety car and a smart strategy. Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Räikkönen were second and third, CHAMPIONSHIP leader Vettel was only eighth after a clash with Max Verstappen. Stoffel Vandoorne didn’t have any particularly good race, and was thirteenth.

For Ferrari, it looked after the qualifications very well: Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen qualified with ease, so it seemed, to the first two places on the starting grid. Mercedes drivers Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton had to place three and four satisfied, while the Red Bulls Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo from places five and six went. Important detail: the top four started the race on the soft tyre, Verstappen and Ricciardo did that in the ultrasoft band. Stoffel Vandoorne started from place fourteen.

At the start, followed immediately spectacle when Vettel his team mate Räikkönen blocked. Who last saw as Bottas and the excellent started Verstappen come alongside, while Hamilton and Ricciardo, the top six completed. The top six went there then in the shoot off. Vandoorne made just like in Bahrain a less good start and fell back to sixteenth place, began our compatriot is already fast catching up by Sergey Sirotkin (Williams) to go beyond.

Ferrari blundert

Verstappen and Ricciardo surprised by their soft rubber very long. The two Red Bull teammates were both in round 19 in, the pitcrew did some great work by both riders quickly back on to the track to get. Both Verstappen if Ricciardo opted for the mediumband, the hardest rock band this weekend was available. So unleashed the Red Bull strategic jousting at the front: Mercedes responded by both Bottas as Hamilton to bring them in, also for the mediumband.

Ferrari hit the ball completely wrong by both drivers too long to keep out. Vettel came a lap after Bottas, but the damage had already been done: the Fin had in his outlap after all, three seconds, recovered, leaving Vettel behind him, the job came to mind. The Scuderia made it even a lot more colorful with the strategy of Räikkönen: the world champion of 2007 was so long buitengehouden that the already gepitte Bottas and Vettel him on the track could catch up. Vettel could egg so take advantage and Bottas also catch up, but that was just not to be.

Race on its head

The race was completely turned upside down when Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley, nota bene team-mates at Toro Rosso, with each other, collided in the penultimate corner. The safety car came on to the track so that the debris could be cleared. Red Bull called both drivers to go in for a fresh set of soft tyres, while the two Ferrari’s and Mercedes’ on the road remained. The result is: Verstappen (fourth) and Ricciardo (sixth) were in when the safety car came in clearly the fastest riders in the field. Ricciardo devoured number five Räikkönen quickly. Verstappen tried in turn when Hamilton in turn four, but was out of the job printed and could see Ricciardo pass.

Ricciardo sailed full and was soon on the second place after he also Hamilton and Vettel had passed through. Verstappen went, meanwhile, at his second attempt, however along Hamilton, but the Dutchman insisted afterwards – not for the first time this season – a negative role by in particular more awkward way Vettel of the track to drive. Hamilton had to move away for the two gespinde cars, Kimi Räikkönen took advantage and went down in one hit from the sixth to the third place. Verstappen got a more than deserved penalty of ten seconds for.

Ricciardo enjoy Bottas

Daniel Ricciardo retired in the meantime, nothing of all the tumult behind him and fell Bottas for the lead. With a beautiful uitremmanoeuvre in turn three, the popular Australian up there as well. Bottas knew in the meantime, problems with the tyre wear and saw so Räikkönen and Verstappen are still very close. Overtaking, could there be more to follow: Ricciardo finally won for the two Finns. Verstappen was fourth, but fell by his penalty behind Hamilton back to fifth place. Nico Hülkenberg (Renault) was finished on the sixth place. A disillusioned Vettel, who after the collision with Verstappen on ruined tires reed, was finally passed by again really Fernando Alonso, who is seventh. The last tips were for Carlos Sainz (Renault) and Kevin Magnussen (Haas).

Stoffel Vandoorne had a less than inspiring contest. Our compatriot made it halfway through the race was a great catch-up on Lance Stroll (Williams), but after the safety car could Vandoorne set the pace of his vehicle in front, not follow. The Rumbekenaar finished in thirteenth.

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