Starbucks apologizes after arrest black customers

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The American coffee chain goes through the fabric after the two black customers had to arrest because that in a store to hang out. The duo was still waiting for a friend, and would then place an order.

The staff of a Starbucks-case in Philadelphia found it earlier this week but nothing that two men what hung around in their case without what to order, which the police called. Who decided to prompt the duo in the buoy to store and to carry away. Images of that arrest came online, which a wave of outrage arose.

“All other white people wonder why this is not happening to us if we do the same’, tweette one Melissa DePino. The images they made were more than 150,000 times shared.

The ceo of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, saw himself forced to react. He said he was greatly startled and wants to personally the two men excused. ‘Starbucks is against discrimination, and against ethnic profiling”, he decided.

Also of the Philadelphia police department came up with a declaration. According to them, they shot into action, as the two waiting men to the toilet in the koffiezaak wanted to use, as that is reserved for paying customers. The men were released after it turned out that Starbucks against them, no complaint had been submitted.

A few dozen protesters marched yesterday to the Starbucks branch. They demanded the resignation of the branch manager, that the police had called.

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