Sharon den Adel: My Indigo closer to myself

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Sharon den Adel live ’with mixed feelings’ to the first gig of My Indigo, her solo project. “It’s great excitement, but I am also very much looking forward to,” says Within Temptation frontwoman against BuzzE. Monday night is My Indigo will be on stage at Q-Factory Amsterdam.

“It is the first time that I was so close to the public play. We are going to see whether the public is also as beautiful as I do.” Sharon hopes that My Indigo is successful and that her solo project in addition to Within Temptation can exist. “The big difference is in the emotion with which it is laid.”

Within Temptation is according to Sharon combative, powerful and grand”. “My Indigo is a smaller, more direct, more personal and more vulnerable. This is closer to myself and it feels nice also to be able to do. Within Temptation feels good, but that is an enlargement of myself. The are two extremes.”

Feeling follow

Sharon had no plans to solo. My Indigo came about two years ago when the singer just got out of a tour with Within Temptation came. “I wanted new music for Within Temptation to write, but that did not work.” Instead came the other numbers. “Then I thought: I can do the side throw, but this is what I want to write, I should my feeling but to follow. And it was not limited to one song, but there were many more.”

Although they do not directly thought of the release of the numbers, she wanted to also “not on the shelf.” “I had a lot of time and love put into it. In the first place, I have myself written, I had that need. When others heard it, they said, john, this is really pretty, why don’t you not? And so is the idea of an album with My Indigo.”


Sharon is not yet ready with her solo project. “I want to make a plate with My Indigo, I still feel the need to be there songs to write. This does not feel like a one-off project.” How the singer My Indigo combine with Within Temptation, which is also internationally very successful, does not know yet. “I need to find a balance between work and private, but also between the music. But how that is going to run, that will be the time to learn.”

Choose between Within Temptation and My Indigo wants Sharon not yet. “I am not concerned with the question of whether My Indigo just as much as Within Temptation. Maybe I should ever make a choice, but I want to me now not to worry about that.”

For her, Within Temptation band members, with whom Sharon, back to work, were the soloplannen of their frontwoman, is no surprise. “They said it’s no surprise, we had actually already previously expected.”

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