Separate ‘family’: Luuk takes title, red for Siem

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The title of PSV provided a special touch in the voetbalfamilie The Young. PSV eindhoven’Luuk graduated in the Netherlands its fourth national championship and thus he came to be at the same height with his brother Siem. Salient detail: a scoring Luuk took the title Sunday afternoon against Ajax (3-0 victory), where the Siem is under contract and in the topper even the red card was given.

Luuk de Jong has the score doubled.

Luuk de Jong grabbed his first championship in 2010. That he did, at the time, surprisingly with FC Twente. The other titles were in the shirt of PSV is achieved. After the title of Sunday, that happened already in 2015 and 2016. Siem de Jong was in the period from 2011 to 2014 supreme with Ajax and obtained, at the time, four championships in a row. Just made Siem de Jong in the season 2016/2017 even a trip to PSV, but that was no title.

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Luuk de Jong experienced Sunday afternoon in the championship swim meet with Ajax, where his brother Siem in the second half inside the lines was an additional nice moment in the 38th minute for the 2-0 lead. Had Gaston Pereiro in the 23rd minute the score opened.

PSV crowds in the second half and came through Steven Bergwijn in the 54th minute, 3-0. Luuk de Jong was fairly soon after the third goal changed. He walked just before the hit, an injury to his finger, giving him the 3-0 entirely escaped. Siem de Jong ended the topper prematurely. The Ajax-substitute got after it at the foot of Santiago Arias was a red card.

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