Russian investigative journalist’s death: ’This is not a suicide’

Yekaterinburg – The Russian investigative journalist Maksim Borodin died of his injuries after a fall from his apartment. The authorities treat his death as a suspected suicide. Its editor-in-chief does not believe so.

Borodin (32) on the 12th of april found below his apartment. Since then, he is no longer with consciousness. Sunday he died. According to the police is the cause of death was ’probably not of criminal origin”: the door was from the inside closed, the keys are layers inside and there was no sign of a break-in, writes RadioFreeEurope.

According to a friend, Vyacheslav Bashkov, called Borodin on april 11, still about masked men of the security service that his apartment surrounded. They wore camouflage clothing. Borodin sounded startled, but not hysterical. He thought that his apartment would be searched and asked Bashkov a lawyer to arrange.

Later, he called back. It was a false alarm, said Borodin. He had made a mistake. In reality this was an exercise, so heard Bashkov of his friend. The former didn’t return and was expecting a Facebookpost by Borodin – but he was not. A day later, the message came that he, with serious injuries was found.

Polina Rumyantseva, the editor-in-chief of Novy Den, for which Borodin worked, told that they did not in suicide, believe.


Borodin wrote a lot about crime and corruption. Recently, he has published a lot about Russian fighters in Syria were active and by the US-supported rebels had attacked. Then there were a lot of Russian fighters killed. Borodin has some Russians identified as inhabitants of the town of Asbestos, in its region in the ural mountains.

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