PSV want to Ajax for a second time perform in championship swim meet

9f480be7cd1b64769f045283be23e535 - PSV want to Ajax for a second time perform in championship swim meet

PSV has the 24th championship title up for grabs. As a direct competitor to Ajax on Sunday defeated the team of coach Phillip Cocu no longer being overtaken in the rankings. It would be the second time in the history of the Premier league are the Amsterdam rival was in the championship swim meet of the Locals.

It happened to Ajax only one time previously that the opponent at the end of the ninety minutes of the best club of the country could call. That’s what happened to the Locals in the season 1961/1963 calculated against PSV.

By a 5-2 victory on the penultimate day, as were the people from the netherlands had for the first time since the introduction of professional football in the Netherlands to champion crowns. It meant that PSV is the fourth title in total.

Seven years ago, escaped from Ajax on the final day of the competition at the same scenario. The former number two Ajax received leader FC Twente in the Arena, but Ajax won with 3-1 and won the ninth title in the club history.

Since the introduction of the Eredivisie in 1956 came only four times for the title settled, it was in a direct encounter between the number one and two, the beslissingsduels in 1958 and 1960 except. In half of those cases, it was PSV that at the longest end of drew: in 1963 (against Ajax, 5-2) and 1978 (against FC Twente 3-1).

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