Pro-western Djukanovic on the way to victory in Montenegro

Milo Djukanovic, already six times prime minister of Montenegro, seems now on the way to the presidential elections in Montenegro in the first round win. That will give the first results on Sunday.

Djukanovic has after the counting of the votes in more than half of the polling stations a score of 53,5 per cent, that he has a big advantage over his main rival, Mladen Bojanic (34,1 pct).

The pro-western Milo Djukanovic (56) since 1991, six times prime minister and one time president of Montenegro. He left his small country of 620,000 residents to join NATO and wants, that it is now also a member of the European Union.

The rise among the more than 530.000 people entitled to vote was two hours before the closure of the polling stations 58,6 percent, slightly more than five years ago.

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