Mother with six children of cliff reed, was drunk

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MENDOCINO – The mother who, with her six adopted children from a cliff in California into the abyss reed, had a far too high percentage of alcohol in her blood. That have the authorities in the Us state of let you know after the section on the body of the mother, Jennifer Heart (38).

The place in Medocino where the car into the sea collapsed.

According to the police, had a Heart a alcoholprommilage of 0.102. At 0.08 is already in drunkenness spoken. With two children and the other mother was a high concentration of a allergiemiddel that can cause drowsiness found.

The police concluded that there was evidence of intent. According to the police was the cruise control of the car adjusted to 144 kilometers per hour when it over the cliff reed. There are no burns.

Jennifer and Sarah Hart with their six children.

Heart was with her partner, Sarah (38) and their six children, Markis (19), Abigail (14), Jeremiah (14), Devonte (15), Hannah (16) and Sierra (12) in the vehicle. The bodies of the last three victims are still not found. The wreck was only three days after the missing child is found.

According to the police, had the company not have a lot of luggage with him, and also in their home were no clues to be found for a long-planned absence. The police found no suicide note.

The mothers were white, the adopted children African-American. According to U.s. media, family is the past few years, moved several times to research to avoid. The bureau for youth care would three times have tried the family: three days before the disaster, on march 23rd and the following Tuesday. Why youth sought contact, is still unclear.

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