Macron: attack on Syria was necessary

PARIS – The French president Emmanuel Macron has the missile strike on targets in Syria defended. The intervention was necessary for the international community “to have any credibility” to give back, stated the president in an interview that is broadcast by several French media.

France, the United States and Britain fired early Saturday mornings 105 rockets at Syria. The countries acted together on to the alleged attack with poison gas in the Syrian Douma to repay. Macron said that the attack was “perfectly executed.” All projectiles would have reached their target.

The president is said to want to push for a political solution to the conflict in Syria. He wants to be in conversation with all parties involved, including Russia. Nevertheless, he expressed strong criticism of Moscow: an ally of the Assad regime. He said that Russia “of course, is complicit” in the acts of the Syrian government.

Russia used according to the Macron itself is not chlorine gas. The country has, according to the president, however, used to prevent the international community through diplomatic channels would occur to the use of chemical weapons to halt.

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