Jani is looking for a date for Disaster

d6cda6b7768044478bcb61c2acb7cbce - Jani is looking for a date for Disaster

The achtentwintigjarige Zita from Ghent has been two years single. Her friends Annelies, Nastasia, Laura and Stijn and his sister Carmen does not understand why the handsome and funny Zita for two years only, and wrote her sneak in for Matchmakers. Zita will be the start time for a relationship, but Tinderdaten is not for her as well. In an ideal world, she meets someone on a night out, but the true is they have not yet encountered. Because her group of friends to settle, it is also time to take that step…Enter Jani and his matchmakers, who Zita to three times let dating without them knowing.

In Matchmakers each week a daring conspiracy forged in the circle of friends of a single. Together with the friends, choose Jani three singles that match perfectly with the single match and together they make sure that the matches to each other meet by chance. Jani follows the dates together with the friends, full of hope and excitement live behind the scenes.

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