Italian director Vittorio Taviani (88) died

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The Italian film director Vittorio Taviani is at the age of 88 in Rome died. The news agency ANSA reported that his daughter announced that the filmmaker Sunday after a long illness has died.

Taviani made from 1960 with his two years younger brother, Paolo, numerous movies and documentaries. They started their career as journalists, but they came in the film world, when they, in 1960, a documentary produced together with the Dutch documentary filmmaker Joris Ivens (1898-1989), L’italia non è un paese povero (Italy is not a poor country).

The two brothers were then a number of important films for the history of the Italian white cloth, like Padre Padrone (Father and Master, 1977), La notte di San Lorenzo (Night of the shooting stars, 1982) and Kaos (Chaos, 1984).

In the nineties, it seemed their career to walk away, but they returned with success back, as creators of tv-series. But also their film ‘ Cesare deve morire (Cesar must die) from 2012 was a success. Who won a Golden Bear at the Berlin film festival.

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