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Horrific crash in marathon creates a lot of discussion about fans: “This would never be allowed to happen”

A horrific fall from the Scotsman Callum Hawkins Sunday during the marathon on the last day of the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, the event is a bitter aftertaste. Australia dominated the Commonwealth Games in their own country from the beginning to the end and close the Play off with 80 gold paste.

Under a leaden heat of thirty degrees and almost two minutes ahead of his pursuers went on two miles of the finish wrong for the 25-year-old Callum Hawkins. He went one time down, quickly got back on for barely a few seconds later, again down to attack.

The Shot, completely overcome by heat and fatigue, fell just next to a guardrail, behind which supporters were. Those fans are the butt of controversy because they – in place of Hawkins to help – simply get photos of him. On Twitter, it rained verbal abuse to the address of the concerned supporters and also organizers and commentators spared their criticism is not.

“Like many others, I am shocked to see how a wonderful athlete as Callum completely collapsed during the marathon”, responded the organizer Mark Peters sad. “The behaviour of the fans next to him also made me scare. They made rather photos of him than to help him. Completely against the spirit of the Games.”

The marathon world record in the women, the British Paula Radcliffe, imagined also big questions. “This would never be allowed to happen”, she noted.

Eventually, Hawkins brought to the hospital. His team left later in the day to know that his health is not in danger. Profit was there for the Australian Michael Shelley (2u16:46). He passed Hawkins just at the time that the emergency services arrived.

The next Commonwealth Games will be in 2022 to take place in the British Birmingham.

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