Frank Van Erum has reservations about state of affairs in Home

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Frank Van Erum air in Hi his heart, and about the course of affairs at Home. “The team of writers here doing his job, and I play what they think of. It is not my job to judge. But I’m noticing that there is dissatisfaction about the stories. The cause is to look at a crucial decision about the structure of the characters. Used to be you had some bad guys: Luc, Peggy and Marianne. Want the writers of. ‘Everyone can be good and bad,” she said. The result is that viewers have no anchor points. Suddenly react characters are not as one expected. This ‘surprise’ would according to the authors, the series improve. Result is however that there are sometimes very unbelievable twists and turns to take in order to have ‘drama’ to provide. Children who are changed by a ‘good’ person, Waldek, who was taken hostage by someone who previously “normal” was… Hence all those comments. This will continue, unless the ratings drop. I fear that in the coming months, fans will drop out. Soap is a genre, with certain laws. If one of these laws, wants to reinvent a different genre to develop. Maybe create them there in the longer term, something new and interesting, but the soapliefhebbers go seriously hungry.”

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