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Dutch singer Dotan is used nepfans for popularity

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The Dutch singer Dotan has maintained its popularity over the past few years, a boost given by itself through approximately 140 false profiles to the sky in praise. That writes The Volkskrant after an extensive research, which, among other things, the former manager of the singer admits the quantity is distorted to have on behalf of Dotan. The singer says there is nothing to know.

When we Dotan Coming 2016 a signature saw give out to a mom whose daughter is a big fan, but not at the festival, fit perfectly in the picture that the rounds of the Dutch singer. Also on social media showed he is a pop star that is very close to his fans and had a lot to do for them.

But that positive image is not quite right, concludes The Volkskrant from an extensive research. So charmeerde Dotan in 2015 everyone with a seriously ill fan, Aron Leegwater, a heart under the belt to sting. The fan shared the story on social media, the newspapers are full of them and the popularity of Dotan shoot the height. Set up game, writes the Dutch newspaper, for the meeting between the two never took place. Aron Leegwater is even not at all.

Another example: the story of the fan that is next to Dotan on the plane and didn’t remember him. Great story, but also not really happened.


These are examples of posts and stories into the world through fictional accounts in command of the singer, says the former manager of Dotan at De Volkskrant. “I have 45 fake accounts created,” says Marlous Hoogendoorn. ‘In command of him. When he found himself on the radio had heard, he took contact with me to take a lot of effort to do on social media.” She supports these claims by her e-mail correspondence to share with the Dutch newspaper, but tells himself no stories online imaginary.

The nepfans, all fictional accounts, fell, other artists, and did their best to muziekverkiezingen to influence.


Dotan himself denies everything. “I’m shocked,” he says. “I want to be here, not in any way associated with it. I am willing to keep my profiles clean so that there is clarity. Even if that means that I have no social media any more or with one follower to start. That is then so be it. I just don’t want that this is to be found on my pages. I want this to disappear. I am sick of when I see this.’

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