Dead in attack on UN base in Mali

764e3a9a405b6774b7904ab9646c6dc2 - Dead in attack on UN base in Mali

TIMBUKTU – In an attack on a base of French and UN troops in Timbuktu is Saturday a blauwhelm the accident. The attackers fired dozens of mortar on the base and left two cars with explosives detonate. They were able to make close approach because they are disguised as UN soldiers.

According to the Malian government would also ten French soldiers were injured, but the UN mission Minusma could not confirm this. On Twitter said the mission of “a major complex attack.” The nationality of the victim blauwhelm is not known.

Last month told the UN that since 2013 all 162 soldiers in Mali have died. Minusma is the deadliest peacekeeping operation ever. At the end of February were even four un peacekeepers from Bangladesh to the life, when their vehicle, a bomb exploded.

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