Brenet glad that he’s turbulent year has turned into ‘peak season’ with PSV

595379d6389ec7098d947afe411ae362 - Brenet glad that he's turbulent year has turned into 'peak season' with PSV

Joshua Brenet is blissfully happy after he there Sunday with PSV, thanks to a crushing 3-0 thuiszege Ajax, succeeded to the 24th championship title in the club’s history to secure.

“This is the best championship that I so far have allowed to make. Mainly because we at Ajax have become,” said the 24-year-old defender in the catacombs of the Philips Stadium.

“For me personally it is also a season. I have a lot of play and I think I also have a large share in this title.”

Brenet had a turbulent year. In the absence of a real full, in the selection he had to that position to fill and that was not him in all the matches as well, which aroused severe criticism of the outside world came to be.

“But what do other people take? You must in yourself and the team to continue to believe. I did that and that has this all led,” says the two-time Orange-international.

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