Brands: ‘Hard to be beautiful when PSV is behind me”

Technical manager Marcel Brands of PSV still don’t know if he is with the title say goodbye to PSV.

Marcel Brands (l.) and Toon Gerbrands.

“There is some interest”, he acknowledged after the victory (3-0) of the newly crowned champion at Ajax. “But I have a contract and find it very difficult to meet all of the beautiful here to leave.”

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Brands is in the interest of Everton, where he with a much bigger budget than at PSV to get started. But he’s also been around since the winter break busy with the PSV of the next season. “Now just enjoy and then I will go there again plenty against them”, said the technical man in Eindhoven.

Brands was proud of the technical staff, that PSV after the fast European failure back on track. “Our trainers have done a fantastic job. They have PSV a close-knit collective made. We have no real star players, but a very good team.”

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