Bodycambeelden of sleeping YouTube-gunner in hours for shooting

SAN FRANCISCO – The American police has bodycambeelden released YouTube-shooter Nasim Aghdam. On the images to see which agents her to find while she was in her car sleeping. The agents ask whether they plan on others or themselves to do something about it. After Aghdam this be denied, let the agents her go. A few hours later, shoot them in the head office of YouTube three people down and robs himself of life.

Nasim Aghdam was a few hours before the shooting sleeping in a car encountered by agents.

The police showed Aghdam, which is a long-running feud with the platform, to the dismay of her family walk away. The situation would be ’under control’.

One of the victims, a 36-year-old man, would be the intended target of the woman have been. The man is wrong for some time in critical condition.

The woman of Persian origin, claimed by YouTube to be discriminated against as YouTube the content of its – often very bizarre – videos have regularly filtered. Aghdam was veganiste and a passionate activist for the animal welfare organisation PETA.

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