At Hag gets lot of to failed Ajax players

cce162bb1ad574c6f2c01ea11b8bdbc8 - At Hag gets lot of to failed Ajax players

Ajax coach Erik ten Hag disapproved after the match lost to PSV (3-0) and the mentality of the players of his team.

Erik ten Hag

“We have a lot of talented players,” he said. “But mentally PSV further than us. They are more disciplined than themselves and have a better team spirit.”

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At the Hag realizes that a lot needs to change for Ajax as the club next season will have a successful grip to the title want to do.

“It’s not that my players do not work hard or try their best not to do”, said Ten Hag. “But it is sometimes too informal, passive and dutiful. I miss sometimes the absolute surrender to win. This is where we need to get to work.”

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At the Hag realizes that he has a false start has been made with Ajax. The successor of Marcel Emperor went to work when the difference with PSV five points. Meanwhile, a competitor from Eindhoven champion with a lead of ten points. “It is not so that you, as a coach, as to the buttons running, and then everything changes,” he said.


It has At Hag hurt that Ajax acted as well in the championship swim meet PSV. “We started out good, but gave the first two goals away. We had good intentions, but we have not done. PSV, however, and I have them all the credits for that. They have lots of points achieved. That is handsome.”

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