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Antwerp is de Ploeg van ’t Stad: Owusu gives Great Old victory against Beerschot Wilrijk

Royal Antwerp has the Antwerp derby in Play-off 2B to his hand. In a swirling Attack knocked The Great Old, the neighbors of Beerschot Wilrijk 2-0. William Owusu took two hits and was the hero of Deurne-Noord. For Beerschot Wilrijk is the after two equal games, the first defeat in the finals.

Antwerp-coach Laszlo Bölöni had earlier this week do not understand too much importance to the fact that this is after 14 years, a derby bet. But the Romanian was considered apparently more important to the match than he wanted to admit. Saturday drew Antwerp late in the evening, still in seclusion, for the first time in the Play-offs.

On the documentation match sheet picked up Bölöni also with surprises. Corryn was missing in the selection, Haroun and Limbombe started on the bench. With Rodrigues, Owusu, Ardaiz, Pitroipa and Hairemans started in Antwerp with five attacking players. At Beerschot Wilrijk chose Marc Brys for the eleven that a point picked up against Lokeren. A few Swinkels replaced the suspended Van den Bergh. Hernan Losada – still not fully fit – was missing in the selection.

Fans of late

The bezoekersvak was still not full when ref Fisherman the match started blowing around 14h30. By the security measures had all the buses gather at one point, they were every three to the stadium accompanied. It was, however, not without a hitch. The Antwerp fans were on post, and made immediately for a beautiful atmosphere. It promised a fun voetbalmiddag to be.

The match started as expected with a lot of commitment on both sides. The openingskwartier was clear for Antwerp, the visitors came but difficult under the pressure come from. Owusu saw his shot just in time to check, after ten minutes escaped Beerschot Wilrijk to an owngoal. Van Hyfte worked for a man almost in his own goal, but saw the ball to his relief, about to fly. After a quarter of an hour there was the first open doelkans, Siani dribbled the defence on a pile but came on goalkeeper Romo.

Trot celebrates

Beerschot Wilrijk stronger afterwards gradually back into the game and threatened a few times from a distance. Ex-Antwerpspeler Joren Dom put goalkeeper Bolat twice the work. The bay of Kiel rats came up, but just then exploded the star of the Team. Van Damme won the kopduel with Diarra, Owusu passed the same Diarra with a fluke and bounce back on the 1-0 high and dry in the goal. The Team danced and kirde of fun, Beerschot Wilrijk had to chase. The party was now in balance, great opportunities there were for rest, not more.

Coach Brys handle the break immediately and sent the experienced Messoudi the field, the invisible Octavio remained within. Antwerp saw early in the second half Pitroipa is injured failure, for the break, it also lost all Arslanagic. Goune Niangadou and Buta solved them. After a confusing opening stages of the second period was the first chance yet again for Antwerp. Ardaiz put handsome Yesterday in the wind but came on Romo. The action resulted from a header from substitute Niangadou, but that took aim next.

Beerschot Wilrijk wanted to, but it failed to Bolat in trouble. The Boys missed Placca and Losada to make the difference. On the other side tried Ardaiz, Owusu and Rodigues it from a distance, without success. Brys threw with Boulaouali and Mbombo his last trump cards in, but without success. Bolat got a little work to break and score the goal in the final fell on the other side. Prychynenko is between a cross, but goalkeeper Romo had already left. Therefore, the goal was empty. Owusu took advantage and took the binnentikker for his account. The striker crowned himself as the hero of the day: with two goals, he was personally for the 2-0 victory.

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