Wind thwarts British raiders

c2c83054a1281e9fa535280551817e10 - Wind thwarts British raiders

MANCHESTER – Two criminals after a robbery in the British town and city Droylsden not long of their prey can enjoy. One of the men had looted banknotes in his pants crammed and saw them blow away, the message, the regional newspaper Manchester Evening News.

The police has released footage of the bumbling duo, in the hope the offenders on the track. To see how the banknotes from the pants blow from one of the men. He does then an attempt the flying loot to pick up, but it seems only to lose more money. In the meantime, the man cars dodge those by the street.

The men had the money seized during a raid on a travel agency. They could ultimately escape in a car. The police is still looking for the duo.

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