What targets were attacked?

The United States, the United Kingdom and France, the last night bombing run on several targets in Syria. There were three locations chosen.

The three great powers viseerden different buildings that serve for the development or storage of chemical weapons. Official sources have put on about three targets: a scientific research centre in the centre of the city of Damascus, a warehouse of chemical weapons in the west of the city of Homs and yet another storage location and nearby command post.

The missiles, which from 04.00 pm local time in Syria fired, were both from airplanes and from ships launched.

The three great powers have no Russian air or naval base in Syria attacked. ‘None of the missiles of the US and its allies is moving in the zone under the responsibility of the Russian armed forces, ” says the Russian ministry of Defence. Russia has in Syria a military base in Tartous, on the Mediterranean Sea, and an air base in Hmeimim.

In the attack of the western partners, according to a Syrian military source, at least six Syrian soldiers were injured. According to the military source is in the attack a military depot near Sheen, west of the Syrian city of Homs, was destroyed.


The bombings follow after last week became known that dozens of civilians had gathered in the Syrian town of Douma. According to the West used the forces of president Bashar al-Assad for the attack with chemical weapons.

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