Viewers angry with him for drinking son Martijn Krabbé

Friday night sat Martijn Krabbé and his son Bickel at the table with RTL to talk about their love for music they share, but Twitter was the ’minor’ bierdrinkende Bickel topic of conversation.

On Wikipedia is stated that Bickel was born in 2001 would be, giving the viewers their surprise share on Twitter. “So that Bickel Krabbé is beer to refuel at RTL? 17 years old yet…??”, and another writes: “Like, that boys of 17 with RTL or a beer, in Hilversum is the pub then closed immediately.”


After these messages are also the editors of the program have achieved, it soon becomes apparent that it is a storm in a glass of water. Soon is there made clear that the year of birth on Wikipedia is not correct, Bickel, however, eighteen years old and he is a golden rascal is allowed to drink.

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