South American bond loves US, Canada and Mexico, the organization world cup 2026

The South American football federation connected countries support the effort of Canada, the United States and Mexico at the world cup of 2026.

During the congress of the South American federation CONMEBOL spoke the ten countries, unanimously, to behind the American ‘bid’ to rally. The three countries from North and Central America want the tournament over eight years, jointly organize.

“The countries of the Americas historic ties,” said president Alejandro Dominguez of the CONMEBOL. “We think that South American football can and should contribute to the development of football in the whole of the American continent.”

Morocco has also a candidate for the organization. The members of the global bond FIFA bend on 13 June, during the congress in Moscow prior to the next world cup, about the plans of both candidates.

In principle, to determine them no matter where the world cup 2026 is held. If the two candidates do not meet the requirements, may also countries from Europe and Asia to sign.

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