Silvy De Bie late dark period behind him

Sylver singer Silvy De Bie (37) doorzwom to say that quite a bit of water, but Monday is moored in a safe harbor: “Love For Music” on VTM. “I’ve been with the wrong people worked together, am all lost and I have very deep seated. But that’s been necessary to stand where I am now,” she says in The Interest of the province Of Limburg. “I pray all the years the mark of the dance-zangeresje,” says De Bie. “Understand me wrong: I sing would really like Sylver, and will continue to do so. But with my participation in For the Love of Music that I want other side show.” In For the Love of Music, she remains often in the background. “I’m a diesel engine, I’m slow and look rather like the cat from the tree. In addition, I sat there between strong personalities. I have broken, and laughed, but I sometimes also kept in the background. Because I just don’t tafelspringer am.”

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