Sharp criticism of Venezuela during the summit, Peru

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LIMA – The American vice-president Mike Pence has regional leaders called on more to do to the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, to isolate. He said at the summit of American countries in Peru that Washington is not “on the sidelines to remain” while the country collapses.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

Also other countries at the two-day ’Summit of the Americas’ were critical of Venezuela, through mismanagement in a deep and desperate crisis. The Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos said that the government of Maduro “in denial”, while the rest of the world was “shocked look, while the Venezuelan people physically perish of hunger”.

The Venezuelan leader was not welcome in Peru. That did not prevent him from the top label to “a complete failure.” Maduro said during a speech in Caracas posts about “empty speeches by right-wing, unpopular, murderous presidents who are lackeys of the imperialists”.

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