SEE: André Hazes spot deceased father photo

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On Instagram posted the André Hazes a photo of his son twice: first without and later with a green circle. And in the green circle you should the deceased father of the singer to be able to see.

He placed the first photo of André jr behind the wheel of a car is the innocent caption ’Mini Me’, the text in the second picture was a very different cargo. “Though I am always skeptical about this kind of stuff, but… I got a message that my father in this photo.”, explains André the re-post of the photo. He has the received message is taken seriously and the photo has once been well studied. “I will be tired and crazy, but I see ‘him’ too… what separate..”.

The first picture produced especially a discussion about the pacifier that the little boy in his mouth. The second photo shows a few of the creeps and do others or indeed the old Hazes, or all sorts of other things to see in the photo. “Also, there are orbsen on the picture”, responds, someone, when another soberly responds: “According to me see you all monkeys and bears”. And that kind of reaction is a fan of the ” real disrespectful’ to place ’on someone best personal of their own situation on insta has set.

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