Russia to react angrily in the media, but turn not back yet

Russia knew which targets the Americans and their allies in the visor had, and has, the Syrian government informed of this. Russia and the U.S. have the last days are always communicated about the situation in Syria.

The Russian ambassador in the United States, Anatoly Antonov, said immediately after the first attacks on the Syrian targets, that they are Americans and their allies should expect that this is not without consequence will continue. “Our worst expectations have come true. Our warnings are not heard…Once more we are threatened, ” he wrote in a tweet. He added that it was unacceptable to the Russian president to offend.

The spokeswoman of the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zacharova wrote on Facebook that the attack just comes a time that Syria finally saw an opportunity for peace in the future. ‘They are responsible for it, claim that they and they alone have the moral leadership in the world. But it is a very special moral leadership, if you have the capital of Syria attacks at a time when the country at last sight, at peace.’

Nevertheless, it does not seem likely that Russia immediately and heavy will fight back. The communication channels that the Russians and the Americans have installed, when Russia’s president Bashar al-Assad in 2015 came to her assistance, are still open. This has been confirmed by the spokesperson of the Kremlin a few days ago on BBC. That means that the Russians, as well as sure of the coming of the attack.

A spokesman of the Syrian government said last night on Reuters that Russia had notified the targets of the Americans in the visor and the deliberate military bases a few days ago cleared. “We have the consequences of the attack under control,” he said. ‘Now we make an assessment of the damage.’

After president Trump on 11 april, the attack had been announced by the Russian president vladimir Putin a conciliatory tone is struck. In a speech to diplomats, he talked about the importance of dialogue. Russia, an ally of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is, probably realises the consequences of an escalation of violence in Syria.

The company believes the Russian government is not that the Syrian government of a chemical attack in Douma. The Kremlin claims that there is absolutely no chemical attack has been.

In the Russian media state that according to the Russian military town of the White Helmets a gifaanval in scene to put the blame on the regime to slide. For the Russians are the White Helmets, which we know as voluntary helpers, also a terreurbeweging. The Russian ministry of Defense says the Russian news agency Tass that the White Helmets are notorious for spreading fake news.

On april 9, two days after the news about the gifaanval became known, Russian military chemical the place in Douma visited and also the hospital where the White Helmets a video of the victims have turned, but they have no traces of poison, nor of victims of a gifaanval seen, according to Tass.

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