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Manchester City history Tottenham in and puts all the pressure on United to the title yet to be set

220c5bc4be4f5c1200829404112dca22 - Manchester City history Tottenham in and puts all the pressure on United to the title yet to be set

Manchester City has a solid option taken to this weekend have a champion to crown in the Premier League. The Citizens won convincingly with 1-3 on the pitch of Tottenham. After a strong first half led City with 1-2. Eriksen made short for rest, for the aansluitingstreffer after Jesus and Gundogan for the double edge had provided. After the break, decided Sterling the match. If Man United tomorrow loses to West Brom, Man City champion.

Manchester City led 1-2 to the rest and that was certainly not exaggerating. The leader in the Premier League started out as a whirlwind to the party, already after three minutes of hit Leroy Sane the pole with a clever volley after a nicely played attack on the right.

The pressure continued to come. Sterling kicked on and the bang of De Bruyne whizzed next to it. On the other side was Kane in the back pocket of Kompany. Halfway through the first half broke Jesus, the ban. Kompany sent a long ball, Sanchez was just not paying attention and Jesus was alone on Lloris. That left the Brazilian: 0-1.


City hustle and bustle by, and after new losts kegelde Lloris Sterling against the ground. Error, but out of the sixteen. The ball went nevertheless on the dot, Gundogan finished the job with perfection, 0-2 for City. The lead had a larger can and should be, Lloris was still perfectly flat on a bang of Silva.

The frustration grew for the home team. Davies got away with a yellow after a heavy violation on Kompany. With peace in sight fell suddenly the aansluitingstreffer out of nothing. Kane got Eriksen by defence and he made it with a fluke 1-2 of. Tottenham ran 40 minutes behind the facts, but lived the rest yet.

Ultimate beenveeg

Tottenham clearly had confidence in the last minutes before the break. The home team came up with a very different face from the dressing room, and then the party started. They developed a lot of pressure, but great opportunities remained. This made them a bit too much the wrong choices at the decisive moments.

It was watch out for the counterattack. Sanchez showed once again to be surprised by Jesus, but now showed the Brazilian the beckoning opportunity. That did not much later, also Sterling. He omspeelde Lloris, had Trippier in the tackle and was able to finish, but Trippier blokte the shot with a ultimate beenveeg.

Applauswissel for De Bruyne

It turned out the postponement of execution, for 20 minutes before time, there was still the decision. Lloris returned a deviated shot, Sterling was in the right place and scored. 1-3 and match has been played, the remaining part of the party was a but for nothing. De Bruyne got a applauswissel in the slot.

City repacked so after defeats against Liverpool (2x in the Champions League) and Manchester United. Had The Red Devils tomorrow and lose to West Brom, is City champion. Tottenham lose for the first time in the league since mid-december. When was City 4-1 to strong.

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