Lawyer frustrated by the dismissal, Fraser

ROTTERDAM – Dick Advocaat thinks that Henk Fraser will still be on the trainersstoel of Vitesse had been sitting as the people from arnhem this weekend, in the form of Sparta, not his future club had taken.

Dick Advocaat

“It plays with Henk that it is now against Sparta play”, says Lawyer. “They had against any other team played, it was this decision might not be taken. They play for the play-offs.”

The aim of the Lawyer indicate that the club with the resignation of Fraser in one blow of all the embarrassing scenarios has been stripped, now the interests in the final stage of the league still be great. There is no one who still may be tempted to the professionalism of Fraser in doubt at the loss of points of Vitesse against Sparta.

Lawyer had Fraser even better in the dug-out next is seen. “That I had better found. It was restless and they won their last four duels not,” says the coach. “Now they have to show; that the leadership is right with his resignation, or the other way around. We can always another Vitesse expect.”

Fraser can at least start scouting for the upcoming season. “There he is sure to begin,” says the Lawyer with a wink, but with the serious undertone that there is still much work to be done is to Fraser again not to get in trouble.

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